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Larry Clark Stuff, Japanese Edition
By Larry Clark


Where'd You Get Those? 10th Anniversary Edition: New York City's Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987
By Bobbito Garcia


Humans of New York
By Brandon Stanton


Hollywood Dogs: Pictures from the John Kobal Foundation
By Robert Dance


By Sophia Amoruso


Horst: Photographer of Style
By Philippe Garner, Claire Wilcox, Robin Muir


Seven Sisters Style: The All-American Preppy Look
By Rebecca C. Tuite


Back in the Days
By Jamel Shabazz, Fab 5 Freddy, Ernie Paniccioli


Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Eleven
By Dennis Freedman, Philip-Lorca diCorcia



The Tao of Wu
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The Wes Anderson Collection
By Matt Zoller Seitz and Michael Chabon

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Happy 44th Birthday Sofia Coppola!

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Antique birthday greeting courtesy of pinterest.com


Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part I

Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part I
By Renee Hernandez 

Odd City Entertainment has added a new limited edition screen print to its portfolio: Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part I, one of the most revered filmographies in history. Artist Laurent Durieux has created three versions of the iconic film in print — regular and variant editions — as well as a wood edition.

Licensing is set for all three films in The Godfather series. Odd City Entertainment founder, Roman Morales says, “You are going to be seeing a lot of Coppola coming from my company over the next 24 months. They are an eclectic group.” 

The Laurent Durieux Godfather prints will go on sale Monday, November 17, on the Odd City Store around 11 a.m. CST, and will begin shipping the first week of December 2014. All editions are signed and numbered by Laurent Durieux.

Title: Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part I

Regular - $65
Edition of 325

Variant - $100
Edition of 150

Wood (regular color way) - $300
Edition of 50

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Laurent Durieux Godfather print images courtesy of Odd City Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


Sofia Coppola Favorite: Josephine House Of Austin

Sofia Coppola’s Favorite Lunch Spot — Josephine House of Austin
By Renee Hernandez

My beloved city of Austin, Texas, is known for its certain amount of weird, strong Chicano roots, and true Southern hospitality — a perfect combination, if you ask me. Sofia Coppola has been to Austin a few times, accompanying her husband Thomas Mars when Phoenix headlined the ACL Festival in 2013 and then more recently for a taping of Austin City Limits Live.

In the supplement Summer Pleasures that she guest edited for the May issue of W Magazine this year, Sofia reveals that her favorite lunch spot in Austin is Josephine House. This issue is all about refinement and taking more time to enjoy beauty and the simple things in life. So, in that mood maybe I want to indulge and treat myself to brunch at Josephine House.

Josephine House is a cute little nautical themed restaurant located in the quiet and eclectic neighborhood of Clarksville. Like almost every restaurant in Austin, it has a beautiful patio. I love the fact that the patio is bigger than its indoor space because so much of Austin life is lived outside. Did I mention the grassy front lawn for lounging?

The crowd in Austin is pretty diverse — you may be brunching with students in jeans, families with children, businessmen in suits, peppered with the occasional celebrity. In a shady nook I spotted Robin Tunney (The Mentalist, The Craft) and her lover both with fresh bed head.

I ordered the most non-kosher item on the menu — the Josephine Breakfast Burger. Fried egg, bacon, greens, harissa aïoli, housemade bun, and frites. Endless refills of Mexican Coca-Cola. Super indulgent and absolutely delicious, ya’ll.

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Josephine House Of Austin photos © 2014 Renee Hernandez. All Rights Reserved.


Sofia Coppola Directs Daisy Dream

Danke schön to Stefanie Laube for today's guest post, an analysis of the latest advertisement directed by Sofia Coppola — Daisy Dream for her longtime friend Marc Jacobs. To read more of Stefanie's thoughts about Sofia Coppola and her work, please visit her at Lost in Sofia.

Sofia Coppola Directs Daisy Dream
By Stefanie Laube

On June 26, Sofia Coppola released her latest television ad Daisy Dream advertising a new fragrance of the same name by designer and close friend Marc Jacobs. It was also Sofia Coppola who had realized the TV ad for Jacobs’ fragrance Daisy back in 2013.


In the video, we see a dark-haired young woman (played by the German model Antonia Wesseloh) in a white dress, lying in a meadow full of daisies and obviously awaking from a dream. The woman is presented in different shots: wearing a daisy in her hair, slowly turning a daisy in her mouth, writing something into the air with a lit sparkler, pressing her cheek to the Daisy Dream flacon, and finally dancing with her arms up in the air. In some scenes, she looks straight into the camera, once serious, once smiling shyly. In another scene, the woman crosses a meadow so that we only get to see her back view from far away. The ad ends with a close-up of the woman’s mouth slowly forming into a soft smile.


According to colors, the ad evokes the pastel shades of Sofia Coppola’s film The Virgin Suicides (1999). The combination of soft hues and slow dissolves as well as a scene shot through a fisheye lens reminds the viewer of the typically hazy pictures in a dream, seeming blurred and not easy to fully grasp. This dreamy image perfectly suits the product’s name, Daisy Dream. The song that accompanies the ad is titled “End of the Line” by the band Sleigh Bells. This choice of music is typical for Sofia Coppola, who likes to accentuate her films with indie pop and dreamy sounding singing. Note that Sofia also chose Sleigh Bells for The Bling Ring soundtrack; their "Crown on the Ground" backed the film's trailer as well.

Main character

The main character in Daisy Dream looks as if she were borrowed from The Virgin Suicides: On the one hand, the young woman seems soft and vulnerable (e.g. symbolized in the scene with woman’s back view), playful (sparkler, dancing), and innocent (white dress, no make-up) like the Lisbon girls. On the other hand, she is seductive due to her natural beauty (see close-up of her mouth) and stands at the threshold between being a girl and becoming a woman like the character Lux as played by Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides.


Sofia Coppola’s latest TV ad Daisy Dream perfectly matches her work until up now, especially as far as vision, sound, and main character are concerned. The spot is 30 seconds long and will presumably appeal to a female target group aged 14 to 40, who can or would like to identify with the ad’s main message: the contrast between being innocently dreamy and seductive at the same time. 

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Daisy Dream campaign images © 2014 Marc Jacobs.


The Art Collection Of Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola is a noted collector of art and photography and while it is unfortunate that we cannot survey her entire collection, I thought it might be fun to examine some of the highlights. A few of the exquisite pieces composing Sofia’s collection are "Sakura" by Risaku Suzuki, “Cold Beer Beautiful Girls” by Ed Ruscha, and “Nick (Poquatuck Park)” by Elizabeth Peyton. Additionally, Art + Auction reported that she had been seen buying art by Hugo Marki, Larry Rivers, and Anne-Laure Sacriste; Sofia also collects works by Juergen Teller and Helmut Newton among others.

“Hat + 5 Roses” by William Klein (1956)

Sofia Coppola explains the piece that first fueled her passion: "I began collecting fashion photography, encouraged by my mother. She gave me a William Klein photo of a woman smoking with roses on her hat, and another of a model on a Paris street. I still collect photos and art, and I love it. Some of my favorite pieces are by Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Richard Prince, Takashi Homma, Larry Sultan, Elizabeth Peyton. Just the other day I bought a Bob Richardson picture I love of a model on a beach with a tear in her eye."


"Sakura" by Risaku Suzuki (2002)

Cherry blossoms set the perfect mood for the bedroom of Sofia Coppola, a beautiful symbol of the balance between strength and fragility. Japanese for cherry blossoms, "Sakura" is the photograph by Risaku Suzuki underneath which Sofia falls asleep. Sofia recalls her introduction to the work vividly: "I discovered Risaku Suzuki via my friend who works at Tokyo's Hysteric Glamour, a fashion boutique that also publishes art books. I fell in love with his cherry blossom photographs and recently ordered a print for my apartment." Born in 1963 in Japan, Risaku Suzuki earned his degree at the Tokyo College of Photography.


“Nick (Poquatuck Park)” by Elizabeth Peyton (2003)

The painting "Nick (Poquatuck Park)" by Elizabeth Peyton can be seen here in two different settings… First, we see the work mounted above the French dining table in Sofia Coppola's SoHo loft. Then after moving house in Manhattan, Sofia chose to hang her Peyton painting above the sofa; it can be spotted behind the shoulder of her cousin-in-law, Amanda Blake. Elizabeth Peyton was born in Danbury, Connecticut in 1965 and studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The artist focuses on small-scale portraits and prefers working with those she considers friends or intimates.


"Cold Beer Beautiful Girls" by Ed Ruscha (1993)

In Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, a print by Ed Ruscha titled "Cold Beer Beautiful Girls" leans against the wall of the room at Chateau Marmont as part of the set, casually abandoned by Johnny Marco and perfectly symbolizing his nonchalance and arrogance; he can't be bothered to hang it — like so much of his life it is simply there. I loved this touch, having read that Sofia considers Ed Ruscha her favorite artist. Intriguingly, it was actually Stephen Dorff that suggested this perfect prop, as we learn in an exchange between him and Sofia for Interview: "So I met Ed (Ruscha) again at one of his shows at Larry Gagosian’s gallery, and I was at his studio randomly when I had gotten back from Paris. I was excited about getting the part (in Somewhere), but I couldn’t really tell anybody, because we were kind of a few months from shooting and we didn’t really want it everywhere. So I didn’t really tell many people, but at Ed’s studio, I did leak it to him. He said, 'What’s been going on?' So I told him, 'I’ve just come back from this incredible trip to Paris and I think I got the role of my lifetime so far.' So then I was walking around the studio as he was finishing up some business and I saw that he was working on a smaller painting called 'Cold Beer Beautiful Girls.' He was working on the prints for it, doing his artist proof and touching things up. So I was like, 'What’s this, Ed?' He’s like, 'Oh, that’s just some work. I’m doing a very limited number of prints.' So I said, 'Oh, wow. You know, it’s so weird, but I think Sofia is a fan of yours and she has this great picture. You know the Dennis Hopper one?' And he’s like, 'Oh, really?' And I said, 'Yeah. She has it in her Paris apartment and we were talking about you a little bit when I was over there, and it’s just weird to be here now and then to see this picture. I think this would be really cool as set dressing in his hotel room — you know, like the character went out and bought it?' Just hanging there…" So it was… Certainly Sofia Coppola was glad the character went out and bought the limited-edition print that now graces her office, "I’m happy I have that Ed Ruscha print from our movie. I love when you get to get something by someone that you love."

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Sofia Coppola photos courtesy of Pinterest, Le Monde, Condé Nast, Habitually Chic.