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Sofia Coppola Directs Daisy For Marc Jacobs

Loyal friends Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs have released the first look at their latest collaboration, a television advertising campaign for the fragrance Daisy. One of the best-selling scents produced by the designer, Daisy evokes a romantic, girly mood and who better than Sofia Coppola to transmit this feeling? The campaign for Daisy is simple yet memorable and emotive, so Sofia, so right…. Special thanks to Katie Bishop for today's guest post in which she examines the new campaign for Daisy and shares her thoughts.

Sofia Coppola Directs Daisy For Marc Jacobs
By Katie Bishop

Marc Jacobs' Daisy is the epitome of femininity, simplicity, and enchantment, and Sofia Coppola, his long-time friend and muse, embodies this perfectly in the latest advertisement for the fragrance. Its style is quintessentially Sofia's and reminiscent of scenes from The Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette. It features model Ondria Hardin running through a field of daisies, looking ethereal in a simple, white dress under the gaze of a male admirer. The film complements the fresh and alluring scent of the fragrance.

Sofia modeled for Marc Jacobs' first fragrance in 2002, but this has been the first time she has directed for the designer. Jacobs announced this in September, tweeting "Best friends make magic together: Our dearest Sofia Coppola will be directing the Daisy TV ad campaign this fall!". He went on to say, "Sofia has been a very dear friend of mine for many, many years. I love her as a person. We’ve done smaller projects over the years. I love her vision and her voice," and his trust in her was so absolute that he wasn't on set for the filming of the advertisement.

Sofia was equally as enthusiastic, saying "I loved doing the commercial for him because we have similar taste, and I think I know what he’d like. I especially wanted to do a good job because it’s for my friend." Sofia also revealed that "[Marc]'s pretty silly, I don't know if people know that about him — he loves low-brow comedy, which is funny mixed with his super-sophisticated taste."

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Daisy campaign images © 2013 Marc Jacobs. Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs photographs courtesy of Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, KATHY WILLENS AP, Sipa, Getty Images


The Coppola Family In Vogue December 1990

The Coppola family, Francis Ford, Sofia, Roman, and Eleanor, posed for photographer Bruce Weber for an editorial that appeared in the December 1990 issue of Vogue. Sofia Coppola was 19 years old at the time of the session and I admire her calm poise and her casual elegance at such a young age. I am not sure if there is more to the editorial, please let me know if you do, I would love to see it.... 

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The Coppola family photograph © 1990 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Sofia Coppola For Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014

In his last ever fashion campaign for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs celebrates a few of the muses that have inspired his work: Sofia Coppola, Catherine Deneuve, Caroline de Maigret, Gisele Bündchen, Fan Bingbing, and Edie Campbell appear wearing the Spring/Summer 2014 collection as styled by Karl Templer and photographed by Steven Meisel. I love the sophisticated looks chosen for Sofia to model, total gothic chic. The advertisements will run first in the February magazine issues.

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Sofia Coppola et al for Louis Vuitton images © 2013 Louis Vuitton. All Rights Reserved.


Somewhere’s Los Angeles: Karissa And Kristina Shannon

In her film Somewhere, Sofia Coppola neatly conveys the ennui of the life of main character Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) just a few minutes into the picture when he falls asleep to the erotic pole dancing of twins, this wild fantasy neither stimulating nor satisfying him. The pole dancing identical duo Bambi and Cindy are portrayed by real-life twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon respectively and the humor of their brief scenes is a tribute to the wit of Sofia Coppola. In their first appearance on screen, the twins wear candy striper uniforms, admittedly a bit shorter than regulation issue as evidenced by more than a glimpse of their thongs, and they gravitate to "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters for even greater ironic effect. But the synchronized shimmy of the twins up and down their shiny poles is not enough to keep Dorff awake, even in four inch heels. I especially love that Sofia allows the camera to linger on the twins after they end their routine, packing their poles into identical gym bags, the nondescript sacks in no way suggesting their sexy content now stripped from the scene.

Later in the film, the twins return to Johnny Marco's room at Chateau Marmont for a repeat performance, this time dancing to "1 Thing" by Amerie clad in matching tennis whites complete with sporty ponytails and racquets. But again the scene exudes humor rather than sexuality. As ELLE noted in their Women in Hollywood Issue in November 2010: "Coppola's sense of humor shines through in all her movies. She's particularly witty about female sexiness. Think of the lushly pubescent Kirsten Dunst gazing at us obviously as she licks a Popsicle in Coppola's first feature, The Virgin Suicides; or the camera's slow survey of a horizontal Scarlett Johansson's cashmere-clad back and translucent pink panties in the opening of Lost in Translation; or Dunst in Marie Antoinette, eagerly climbing on top of her lover in her white stockings, fulfilling a real desire. But for outright hilarity, you can't beat the pole-dancing Shannon twins in Somewhere, who entertain action star Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff), who's weathering a divorce at the Chateau Marmont. They're clad so scantily that they should come across as pornographic, but they're also so bright-eyed and beaming that their naughtiest move — flipping their bums up and down — looks less dirty than double-jointed. 'I wanted more of a cheerleader quality than the big-boob, supersexual thing,' Coppola says. 'I'm a bit of a prude, but the twins, they're gung ho. They were fun to have around.'"

When Sofia picked the bright-eyed and beaming but not (yet) big-boobed Shannon twins for their performance in Somewhere, they were living with Hugh Hefner at his Playboy mansion while starring in a reality show about the experience, The Girls Next Door. How did Sofia discover the twins? Kristina Shannon shared: "She just went on the computer and Googled twins and me and Karissa's pictures popped up. We're like the only hot twins out there besides the Olsen twins." Yet while the twins provide comic relief, it is not Sofia's intention to make them the butt of her joke but to attend to nuance in her own special way. Salon.com appreciates the director's gift for nuance as well: "Richard Beggs is Sofia Coppola's longtime sound designer (her dad uses him too) and the squeaking of the twins' hands on their portable poles is a very Beggsian touch. His sound design is always a thoughtful mix of the authentic and the poetic, and there's something about the prominence of that squeaking that makes me think he included it as more than just a realistic detail. It gives the twins some humanity. It calls attention to their hands. They're working. That sound makes it harder to objectify them, even though they're inviting us to do just that."

As for the songs that Sofia Coppola chose for the twins to dance to, she explained: "I wanted it to be music which was believable and had the right feeling —  that they would bring, not something obscure. So, yeah, we had a boom box. The first song was Foo Fighters’ 'My Hero,' which I thought was funny because Johnny has broken his arm and they’re dancing as candy stripers to cheer him up. The second one, with their sassy tennis routine, was Amerie’s '1 Thing,' which had the right spirit to it." She also felt the Shannon twins had the right spirit: "I had the idea that Johnny gets twins, like room service, all the time. I met with a bunch of different twins, but the Shannon twins were great — so enthusiastic, with a cuteness to them. They would light up the room when they came in."

How did the twins feel about their experience filming Somewhere? Karissa Shannon exclaimed: "It was really good. Sofia made us feel really comfortable on the set. We definitely want to do more of it. It was a really good experience. It was great to work with Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning and a great director like Sofia, an Academy Award-winner… Sofia's someone I look up to, between her style and what she does with a camera. Sofia's movies are more pretty scenes, like a painting with content." In a strange twist, Sofia Coppola ended up hanging out at the Playboy Mansion and even did a cameo in The Girls Next Door as a result of casting the Shannon twins in her film! As she recounts: "We had to go to the Mansion when they were rehearsing. The staff told us, 'They’re filming the show [The Girls Next Door], so you’re going to have to be on it if you come see them.' It wasn’t a goal for me to be on that show, but… it was fun to visit the Mansion and see them in their element.'" Well played, Sofia Coppola.

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Karissa and Kristina Shannon photographs courtesy of instagram.com and American Zoetrope. 


Sofia Coppola And "Chloroform"

Sofia Coppola and "Chloroform"
By Dara Block

I don't know about you, but when I found out Sofia Coppola had directed the video for Phoenix's song "Chloroform," off their latest Bankrupt! album, I immediately thought to myself that this was long overdue. After all, Sofia Coppola had featured Phoenix's music in practically all of her films... who could forget the way Phoenix's song "Too Young" was used in Lost In Translation or the brilliant Phoenix score featured in her 2010 film Somewhere. It's pretty clear that Phoenix and Sofia Coppola share similar creative connections both musically and cinematically, so this collaboration was bound to happen.

Out of all the songs off the Bankrupt! album I feel like "Chloroform" seems the most Sofiaesque. I remember when I first heard this song I thought to myself this will probably be featured in her next movie. Perhaps, I jumped the gun on that.... but I love that she chose this song to direct a video for. I feel like this one was made for her... so on that note, let's take a closer look at "Chloroform"!

The video starts out a Phoenix concert, we see the band at first on stage performing, but we don't see them quite so clear. Phoenix appears through dark shadows and silhouettes, which definitely adds a bit of mystery and a noir sensibility to the video.

Shortly after, the camera draws away from the band to focus on the teen girls in the audience at the concert. We see the girls with tears in their eyes crying for the band and one fan even faints in the audience. Personally, I think this is a brilliant concept and I think Sofia Coppola beautifully depicts the idea of longing and celebrity worship. A current theme that seems very prevalent in her work these days.... her film The Bling Ring also comes to mind. I think this video brings about many thoughts. I know when I go to concerts, especially with male bands, I seem to always spot girls who go insane with excitement. I too, sometimes, think about fans and what makes them go so bananas, especially at music venues. It's clear that Sofia Coppola was very much inspired by that idea. I don't know why, but I could totally see her as a teen going to concerts and feeling a sense of longing. Perhaps I am overanalyzing, but I always feel like she uses her teenage self as inspiration for many of her film projects.

However you choose to interpret it, I was so excited that Sofia Coppola revealed her main source of artistic inspiration for "Chloroform." Interestingly, I recently read that last year Thomas Mars sister's boyfriend gave Sofia Coppola a copy of Joseph Sterling's book The Age of Adolescence and she became intrigued by many of the photos of young girls featured inside. If you look through the images you can definitely see how his interpretation of teen girls inspired Sofia Coppola and her direction for the video. I don't know why, but I always love it when Sofia Coppola reveals her influences. I think it definitely adds a little bit of intrigue to her work. As a viewer, when I watch the video I see some visual elements reminding me of her first short film Lick the Star and also some moments of Beatlemania thrown in there, too.

At any rate, I guess it is safe to say that "Chloroform" is a total teen girl fantasy video with so many artistic inspirations... much like all her other films and if you haven't seen this one, do yourself a favor and check it out. Hopefully, there will be more Phoenix and Sofia Coppola artistic collaborations in the future, but as of now, "Chloroform" is an excellent start!

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Phoenix images courtesy of Phoenix 

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