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Sofia Coppola: Vogue Italia February 2014

Brava to Franca Sozzani for she has created a few of my all time favorite images of Sofia Coppola, in collaboration with photographer Steven Meisel and fashion editor Karl Templer, for the February issue of Vogue Italia. Titled "Effortless Style," the cover image and the editorial show a sleek and sophisticated side of Sofia that I love. I was intrigued by the details of the shoot so I wanted to share them… particularly the exalting of her complexion, this is exactly what I need right now!

From the Vogue Italia site

The charm of personality. The charismatic allure of Sofia Coppola is enhanced by  maquillage that concentrates on the gaze. Around the eyes, the smoky nuances of The Eyeshadow Duo, n. 120, are rendered more intense by Passioneyes Duo Mascara, black, while the eyebrows are redefined by The Brow Liner, n. 3. To exalt the complexion: Perfection Veil Pressed Powder, soft sand, an evanescent powder that optimizes the make-up. On the lips: Classic Cream Lipstick, n. 49. All Dolce & Gabbana The Make Up.

Minidress with cut-out embroidery over black brocade, Dolce & Gabbana. Ring Lynn Ban; bracelet Tango in pink gold and brown diamonds, Pomellato. Hair Guido for Red­ken. Maquillage Pat McGrath for Dolce & Gabbana The Make Up. Manicure Jin Soon Choi for JINsoon. Fash­ion editor Karl Templer. On setPRODn @ Art+Commerce.

This month’s issue of Vogue Italia will be on newsstands on February 7 in Milan and shortly after in the rest of Italy.

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Sofia Coppola in Vogue Italia editorial images © 2014 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Devoted To Sofia Coppola And Phoenix

A loyal reader of IWTBAC and a passionate fan of Sofia Coppola and Phoenix, Mary from Argentina will share her devotion through her artwork in today's guest post. As luck would have it, today is her birthday... Happy Birthday, Mary, thank you for all your amazing fan art!

Devoted To Sofia Coppola And Phoenix
By Mary (from Argentina)

This artwork is a part of my soul, my inspiration is my admiration of Sofia Coppola and Phoenix.

I began to work with photographs a long time ago, I think since I bought my computer, I've made wallpapers of my favorite singers, actors, and actresses. It's nice to make your own point of view about the ones that you admire.

Since I became a fan of Sofia and after of Phoenix, my artwork is a real wonderful thing for me, it's very cool to show to other people how much I love them, because through my artwork I'd like to say something, to be heard in some way. Sofia means so much for me, some people don't understand me, and I don't know why. When I'm doing my artwork I feel good in my heart, through this work I think that I'll be heard, that's the most important thing for me. Time stops for me when I'm doing my artwork.

When I began to be a fan of the fabulous Phoenix, I began to make artwork about them too, they're so cool for me, and I love their music, so this artwork shows my thoughts, I think. My artwork is my way to shorten the distance between Sofia, Phoenix, and me, it is a way to reach them, to tell them how important they are for me.

Words are not enough to tell other people the admiration that I feel about Sofia Coppola and Phoenix, I think that's the reason that inspires me when I'm doing this artwork. I'm really proud to be a fan of Sofia, she is so important for me, and Phoenix too.

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Sofia Coppola, Thomas Mars, and Phoenix photo collages © 2014 Mary. All Rights Reserved.


Sofia Coppola To Adapt Fairyland

Sofia Coppola To Adapt Fairyland
By Katie Bishop

The Coppolas' film studio, American Zoetrope, has obtained the screen rights to Alysia Abbott's Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father. Sofia Coppola is set to adapt the memoir with her long-time friend and photographer, Andrew Durham, and to produce it with her brother and Zoetrope co-owner, Roman Coppola. Roman has also produced Sofia's films Somewhere and The Bling Ring.

The critically acclaimed memoir, a coming-of-age story about a young Abbott growing up in San Francisco with her homosexual father both before and during the AIDS crisis which would later claim her father's life, was published in June last year. Sofia has explored the father-daughter relationship in her 2010 film, Somewhere. However, Fairyland seems unlike anything she's done before.

Abbott grew up in San Francisco's gay scene with her father, Steve Abbott, a widowed poet and LGBT activist, during the 1970s and 80s.

Alysia Abbott and her father Steve Abbott

"I love the book Fairyland; it's a sweet and unique love story of a girl and her dad, both growing up together in 1970s San Francisco," Sofia said, "I think it will make an engaging and touching movie on a subject I've never seen before."

Abbott seemed equally as enthusiastic about the adaptation, saying "I'm delighted that Sofia Coppola and Zoetrope are going to create the film version of Fairyland. Sofia's understanding of the feminine perspective and the artistic vision that she shares with Andrew Durham make them ideal partners to make this movie. I could not be happier."

Abbott's agent, David Patterson, added that "Elizabeth Riley, the book’s publicist at Norton, had thought out loud about Sofia Coppola as the dream filmmaker for it with us — Alysia, me, and Amy Cherry, the book’s editor — back at one of the book’s launch parties. So I just want to say that sometimes when publicists talk, angels listen. This is an absolutely ideal result and partnership."

It has not yet been announced who is set to direct the film, but it would be a first for Sofia to write and produce a feature with no plans to direct it, so many have predicted that she may be sitting in the director's chair once again very soon.

Alysia Abbott and her father Steve Abbott

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Fairyland, Alysia Abbott, and Steve Abbott photographs courtesy of W.W. Norton & Company Inc.


Sofia Coppola: Nylon April 1999

Special thanks to the lovely Janine M. for today's marvelous guest post in which she takes us back to April 1999 for a look at Sofia Coppola's appearance in the very first issue of Nylon; Liv Tyler graced the initial cover as photographed by Helena Christensen. I hope you will enjoy the flashback!

Nylon Premiere Issue April 1999: Sofia Coppola interviewed by Paul Jasmin
By Janine M.

In the premiere issue of Nylon Magazine (1999), photographer Paul Jasmin interviewed Sofia Coppola on her then upcoming film, The Virgin Suicides. Before I re-read this interview I thought, “How long have they even known each other?” Funny, Sofia’s opening statement in the interview is, “I can’t remember when I first met you…” 

Apparently, Sofia Coppola was one of Mr. Jasmin’s students at CalArts, the arts college that she attended for a period of time. He has photographed and interviewed her many times over the years; most recently he photographed her on the cover and inside the August 2013 issue of Vogue Australia.

What I find interesting about Sofia is that her exterior is so calm and laid back but she’s really very focused on her vision and how to achieve it. She wrote the script for The Virgin Suicides even before she obtained the rights to the book. She knew how the book should be translated to the screen, which, if you read the book, would seem quite tricky to accomplish. Sofia’s translation to the screen offers this dreamy 70s vibe that totally captures your attention from the moment the movie begins. The "Crazy on You" scene is my favorite (followed closely by the "Magic Man" scene.)

On a personal note, I’ve always wondered if the relationship between the characters of Charlotte and Bob in Lost in Translation was based slightly on the relationship between Sofia Coppola and Paul Jasmin. If you pay close attention to Sofia’s films, you do find little bits about her scattered throughout (for example, in LiT Charlotte talks about taking photographs of her feet which Sofia has done many times).

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Sofia Coppola in Nylon April 1999 photographs © 1999 Nylon Magazine. All Rights Reserved.


Introducing… Katie Bishop, Contributing Editor

It is my pleasure to present the latest addition to the amazing team here at I Want To Be A Coppola —  Katie Bishop, contributing editor! With her sophisticated style of writing and her enthusiasm for Sofia, I imagine that you will all look forward to her contributions as much as I do. Please take a moment to say hello to Kaite, I am excited to welcome her to the team!

Katie Bishop
Contributing Editor

Hello I Want To Be A Coppola readers! My name is Katie and I'm a student from England. I am passionate about film, photography, fashion, and, of course, the incredible Sofia Coppola. I first became aware of Sofia after watching Lost in Translation, which immediately became my favourite film of all time. From then, my fixation with Sofia grew and she's now my favourite filmmaker and style icon. She continues to entertain and inspire me and it is a privilege to share my passion of Sofia and her work here. Thank you for reading and I hope I will make a valuable member of the IWTBAC team!

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Katie Bishop photograph © 2014 Katie Bishop. All Rights Reserved.

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