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Lick the Star (1998)

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Lost in Translation (2003)

Marie Antoinette (2006)

Somewhere (2010)

The Bling Ring (2013)


IWTBAC Black Tee

IWTBAC White Mug


Larry Clark Stuff, Japanese Edition
By Larry Clark


Where'd You Get Those? 10th Anniversary Edition: New York City's Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987
By Bobbito Garcia


Horst: Photographer of Style
By Philippe Garner, Claire Wilcox, Robin Muir


Seven Sisters Style: The All-American Preppy Look
By Rebecca C. Tuite


Back in the Days
By Jamel Shabazz, Fab 5 Freddy, Ernie Paniccioli


Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Eleven
By Dennis Freedman, Philip-Lorca diCorcia


By Diego Uchitel


By Bill Owens


The Wes Anderson Collection
By Matt Zoller Seitz and Michael Chabon


Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil

There is no question Sofia Coppola has great style. But she also has great hair! Whether she wears it short or long, straight or wavy, her hair always has a natural, healthy sheen to it. What is her secret? Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil.

For over forty years, Dr. Hauschka has offered a natural, holistic approach to skincare making it one of the world’s most famous and trusted organic brands. Each product is created using ingredients grown in Dr. Hauschka’s biodynamic gardens in South Germany. Biodynamics is a holistic, sustainable form of agriculture that focuses on the unique rhythmic patterns of nature. This process produces the highest quality natural ingredients without the use of synthetic additives or stabilizers creating a truly holistic skin care line. Dr. Hauschka’s goal is to activate the skin’s natural healing process and to address the underlying problems rather than masking the symptoms.

Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil is ideal for all hair types and provides intensive care for chemically treated or dry, brittle hair. This restorative oil soothes irritated skin, stimulates circulation, encourages hair growth, softens dry hair, and strengthens fine hair. Hair becomes softer, more manageable, with a natural shine. Wheat germ and rosemary essential oil work together to protect and invigorate the scalp while neem leaf and chamomile extract calm and nourish the hair adding body and luster.

Having recently been taken from a level 3 to a 7 in hair color (1 being black and 10 light blonde), my stylist made me promise and pinky swear to deep condition my hair at least once a week. After doing some research on this product for IWTBAC I decided to make good on my promise and try Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil as my deep conditioning treatment. Immediately after the first treatment my hair felt incredibly soft, strong, and shiny with tons of volume!  Also, I absolutely love the scent! Neem oil on its own has a nutty aroma much like the smell of garlic, but I find that the herbal scents of chamomile and rosemary camouflage the intensely bitter odor, giving it a slight medicinal twist.

For a deep treatment, use Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil before shampooing. Start with damp, warm hair and massage a few drops of the oil into your scalp, then comb it through your hair and wrap your head with a towel. The length of time for your treatment depends on the needs of your hair. For fine hair, leave the oil in for 20 to 30 minutes; for dry hair: leave it in for 30 to 60 minutes. Alternatively, you can leave the treatment in your hair overnight. Finish by shampooing, conditioning, and styling as normal. Enjoy your new tresses à la Sofia!

Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil photograph courtesy of Amazon. Sofia Coppola photograph © 2004 Condé Nast


Takashi Homma

Early on, Sofia Coppola explored different career options. From painting to fashion design, photography to filmmaking, her varied interests have led to quite an extensive art collection. One of her favorites artists in this collection is Japanese photographer Takashi Homma.

In the late 1980s, Homma started out as a photographer for various advertising campaigns and editorials for fashion magazines such as i-D. In 1998, he won the prestigious Kimura Ihei Award for Tokyo Suburbia. This collection influenced Japanese photographic expression using images of empty suburban landscapes with the youth that roam its streets. Homma’s photographic style lies in the detachment — even though we have taught ourselves to ignore these unremarkable spaces, a scene from the everyday can be beautiful and cinematic.

With Tokyo and my Daughter we see a shift from the emptiness of suburban landscapes to scenes from Homma’s inner world. This work focuses on beautifully intimate interior shots and portraits of a father and daughter’s life in the city. Even though the girl in the series is not Homma’s daughter, he still manages to capture that special bond between a father and daughter.

Homma provided an introduction for Sofia’s photobook titled SC 2003: (Some Pictures from This Past Year). Published only in Japan, Sofia snaps fifteen colorful images of her friends and family including mother Eleanor, brother Roman, niece Gia, cousin Jason Schwartzman, then husband Spike Jonze, Kirsten Dunst, and Marc Jacobs.

More recently Homma turned his lens towards nature with New Waves. The waves from the North Shore in Hawaii provide Homma with endless opportunities to photograph their changing appearances. Takashi Homma blogs at Between the Books.

Takashi Homma photographs © 2011 Takashi Homma. All Rights Reserved.


Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

Mario Badescu has quite the client list ranging from Liv Tyler to Lil Kim, from Julia Restoin-Roitfeld to our very own Sofia Coppola. They all flock to his skin care line seeking healthy, luscious, and radiant skin. Sofia’s favorite Mario Badescu product is the Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. This little gem is all natural, listing its main ingredients as aloe vera gel, bladderwrack (a seaweed rich in minerals), and herbal, rose, and gardenia extracts. The light aromatic mist hydrates dry, tight, and uncomfortable skin leaving a dewy glowing appearance.

With all the celebrity endorsements and a favorable review from Paula Begoun, the "Cosmetics Cop," I really want to like Mario Badescu, but he has failed me in the past. You see, I have purchased the Hyaluronic Eye Cream, the Whitening Mask, and the Drying Lotion and now they sit in the bathroom drawer devoted to failed beauty products. However, when Kellina assigned this Favorite I decided to give Mario Badescu another chance because I love Sofia’s clear complexion. Well, this product won me over — I use it before applying my daily moisturizer and again at night. I have noticed my skin is softer and smoother and does not flake anymore. The Facial Spray definitely came in handy during the extreme temperatures this summer, providing a perfect cooling blast of moisture. You can also use it to set makeup or refresh your dry hair.

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum

Mario Badescu Facial Spray image courtesy of Amazon. Sofia Coppola photograph courtesy of


Louis Vuitton Syracusa Wedge Sandal

The banner illustration for I Want To Be A Coppola by Hogan McLaughlin is inspired by a photograph of Sofia Coppola taken at the 2010 Venice Film Festival’s premiere of Somewhere. In the photo, the director opts for classic glamour wearing Louis Vuitton from head to toe — a dark floral print with a sweetheart neckline from the 2011 Resort collection, a clutch of her own design, and the Syracusa wedge sandal.

I love how Sofia wore this particular shoe to several events at the festival. When you truly love an item and it looks amazing on you, why would you wear anything else? The beauty of these suede wedge sandals is in the details, the curvaceous lines and the delicate bow adorned with the golden LV logo add subtle glamour to any outfit.

At the daytime press conference, Sofia goes for garçon chic, pairing the Syracusa wedge with another favorite, a Charvet shirt, tailored shorts, and a different bag of her own design for Louis Vuitton. On closing night, Sofia looks beautiful wearing a floral print cocktail dress with her beloved Syracusa wedges to accept the festival’s Golden Lion award.

Louis Vuitton Syracusa Wedge Sandal photograph courtesy of All Rights Reserved.
Sofia Coppola photographs © 2010 Abaca and courtesy of and All Rights Reserved.



Milkfed, or ミルクフェド in Japanese, is Sofia Coppola's clothing line which is sold exclusively in Japan. She started the label in 1994, and it is still very popular in Japan. The shops are called Heaven 27 and the flagship store is located in Harajuku. Sofia describes the inspiration behind Milkfed: "I always wanted to be a designer, but I didn't think I knew enough. When I helped Kim Gordon and Daisy von Furth put on the X-Girl show in SoHo, I discovered they didn't know how to sew, either. I realized I admire people who just jump into things and do it. So I started this with Linda Meltzer who has a line out of L.A. called Tease Tee's; she did the first shrunken T-shirts, which became know as 'baby Ts.' I designed the clothes and she's the grown-up; she put the rest of it together."

The Milkfed collection is very feminine and colorful and the cuts are simple yet chic. The clothes are fun but also practical: sundresses, tunics, shorts, and an extensive line of tshirts. Milkfed also carries various accessories, such as umbrellas adorned with heart-shaped patterns, knee high socks, delicate pendants and earrings, shoes, canvas totes, and swimsuits. As Sofia explained her fashion philosophy when Milkfed launched: "I'm more into the 'Mom sensibility' than the little girl thing. I'm sick of all the A-line minis. I did one skirt just above the knee — it's a bit Calviny. I guess it's a bit fashion victimy. 'The Lady Skirt.' It's a silk charmeuse slip with a tiny bit of lace at the hem. Do I sound like a fashion designer now? I'm starting to do all that corny talk!... You know, most clothes in this price range are pretty generic. The Gap all looks the same. My clothes are definitely different. Now my father wants to know when I'm going to do my perfume!"

The boutique itself is alluring and girlie, with plush sofas and rugs, dainty display cases, and full-length mirrors. The shop is decorated with some of Sofia's photography and keepsakes, cupcake-themed trinkets, and her cute cans of Sofia Mini sparkling wine. Her photo and film-related books are sold there on occasion in Japanese. I love going to Milkfed in Harajuku. Not only is it located on a beautiful, quiet street, but it is also a mini Sofia museum and everything in the shop is so gorgeous. Watch this brief video with Sofia Coppola about Milkfed or browse the photo gallery for more.

Lisa Ann, Amanda de Cadenet, Sofia Coppola, and Zoe Cassavetes wearing Milkfed clothes photographed by Paul Jasmine for W (December 1994).

Sofia Coppola photographs courtesy of Seventeen Magazine,,, © B's International,, and