Alexander Wang T-Shirt Dress
vendredi 10 août 2012
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In the comfy chic category, Sofia Coppola prefers the simple and elegant t-shirt dress designed by Alexander Wang. In fact, she confessed to Self Service that she owns a few of them when listing her essentials, "I like basic ones: white, black, or I have a gray with navy stripes." Famous for his signature style fondly known as "model-off-duty," Alexander Wang is a rising star in the fashion world, garnering numerous awards despite being a mere 28 years of age and a college dropout. Wang was born and reared in San Francisco before moving to New York for a year at Parsons and internships with Teen Vogue and Marc Jacobs. After this experience, he decided to trust his intuition and launch his own line which has met with great success. What inspired Wang to launch his eponymous label at such a tender age? He explains, “I went with my instinct and created clothes people can wear — brought back something missing in the industry; cashmere basics, that perfect motorcycle jacket, or that little black dress. I was able to connect with my customer and it's been going really well... Marc Jacobs said something really inspirational to me once; 'Give them something that's going to take time to sink in. By the time they get it, change it again — you've got to keep them guessing!'” Sofia is pictured here in 2006 wearing an Alexander Wang t-shirt dress in black, pregnant with her little dove, Romy.

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