Trippple Nippples
vendredi 15 juin 2012
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Let’s borrow Sofia Coppola’s ears and discover one of her favorite bands — the Trippple Nippples! An electropop, art rock outfit from Tokyo, Japan, Trippple Nippples formed in 2005. The members of the group are Qrea Nippple, Yuka Nippple, and Nabe Nippple on vocals supported by Joseph Lamont on electronics and bass, Jimmy Masheder on electronics and guitar, and Eddy Clay on drums. Prior to forming the band, the group spent time bonding on the sunny beaches of Mexico where they crossed paths with a brujo (or in English, witch doctor). Qrea reflects, “He said we are fated to be together, and said something about music. And here we are now. We don’t exactly know who he was, but we will go back there again soon. We have to.”

Trippple Nippples are infamous for their outrageous live shows which in some cases have resulted in their being banned from venues. There is absolutely no modesty with this group which strives to create true shock and awe performance art with every prop imaginable: body latex paint, nipple tape, diapers, headdresses, feathers, glitter, even hot dogs. When the Trippple Nippples bring the show to your town, brace yourself for kinetic energy and OMG-WTF?! One listener describes their memorable performance thusly: "It's like hearing a clock factory copulating with a toy shop, then having a cake fight."

But all of this mayhem translates perfectly with their music. Listen to L.S.D. or M.I.A.M.I. and you will hear catchy tracks that are hyper to the point of explosion! Both are silly, colorful collages of screaming Japanese tribal cheerleaders. 深圳 Shenzhen is electropop at its finest with beautiful, soothing synths and a killer hook. Their newest video, Quetzalcoatl, is purely primal, awakening your inner warrior orisha (spirit) with prayer-like chants and drums that speak to each other. Yuka explains “Once upon a time we were all warriors! It's in the blood, can't you feel it every now and then?” Yes, Yuka, I totally feel it.

Pharrell Williams is a major Trippple Nippples fan, too. He had heard about the Nippps’ wild performances and decided to feature the group's live show in the documentary Tokyo Rising, a series of videos dedicated to the return of Williams to Japan after 3/11. Turns out that Williams was so impressed that they have promised to collaborate musically some time this year. Stay tuned for much more wacky sound to come from the Trippple Nippples!

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