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Larry Clark Stuff, Japanese Edition
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Where'd You Get Those? 10th Anniversary Edition: New York City's Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987
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Horst: Photographer of Style
By Philippe Garner, Claire Wilcox, Robin Muir


Seven Sisters Style: The All-American Preppy Look
By Rebecca C. Tuite


Back in the Days
By Jamel Shabazz, Fab 5 Freddy, Ernie Paniccioli


Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Eleven
By Dennis Freedman, Philip-Lorca diCorcia


By Diego Uchitel


By Bill Owens


The Wes Anderson Collection
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Marc Jacobs Perfume

You may recognize the face of Marc Jacobs Perfume... the inspiring Sofia Coppola. Beyond being the face of his fragrance, Sofia is Marc Jacobs’ muse. Writing about his friendship with Sofia he says that "I always love the way she looks. She's the kind of woman I design for." Take a peek inside Sofia’s beauty cabinet and you will find her signature scent on the bottom shelf, second from the left.

Marc Jacobs' eponymous perfume launched in 2001 and was created by perfumers Steve Demarco and Dong Loc under arrangements with Coty. As an order, Marc Jacobs “wanted the sensation of my head stuck in a bowl of fresh-cut flowers. Lush but watery.” Demarco and Loc went to work and came up with a green floral that is luxurious and elegant, a classic expression of gardenia. What exactly is in this juice? The first spray bursts with gardenia, bergamot, and aqua mist. The second act continues with violet gardenia, jasmine, white pepper, and honeysuckle. Finally the scent dries down to a mixture of musk and blonde woods. The perfume's classically elegant glass bottle with soft rounded edges fits the fragrance perfectly, finished with the ultimate touch of chic — the collar wrapped in a black leather bow.

A good perfume is like a time machine. A DeLorean. I sprayed the Marc Jacobs tester on my skin, inhaled, and transported back to a poolside scene in 1990 with my sisters. My mother’s small gardenia trees surrounded the pool where we jumped in and out of the water, worked on our bronze, relaxed... Yes, I signed the credit card receipt in under four minutes...

Marc Jacobs Perfume images © 2011 Marc Jacobs. All Rights Reserved.

Reader Comments (1)

It's a fantastic aroma. For six years I was using Eternity by Calvin Klein, agreed from the start of the love affair of Christy Turlington in 1994 until it ended 2000 with her ​​then-boyfriend (the I liked so it was like a way to feel like it). From 2001 to present my scent is Marc Jacbos. I use fragrances daily, only for weekends and special occasions.
1 novembre 2013 | Unregistered Commenteranonymus

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