Lick The Star
jeudi 30 juin 2011
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Sofia Coppola made her debut as both director and screenwriter in 1998 with an edgy black and white short, Lick the Star, neatly encapsulating all of the angst that pervades middle school in just over 14 minutes. The film centers around a clique of mean girls who are so devoted to the novel Flowers in the Attic that they scheme to reenact it. Of particular interest: Sofia includes her own eye in one shot; her best friend, Zoe Cassavetes, in the role of the gym teacher; and one of her icons, Peter Bogdanovich, as the principal. As in each Sofia Coppola production, the soundtrack is perfectly suited to the film: "Tipp City" by The Amps, "Eat Cake" by Free Kitten, "This Town" by The Go-Gos, and "Heidi Cake" by Land of the Loops.

Notable lines:
"You're wasting my time." "You're wasting my time."
"I want your taco." "C'mon, give her your taco." "You have two." [Each takes one.] "Now you don't have any."
"Kill the rats..."

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